A personal approach and guidance


Together we will look at your individual situation. Since every person is different and has to cope with different circumstances and factors, there will be tailor-made advice.

Among other things, I look at medication intake (if any), specific mental complaints and nutrition by means of a food-mood diary to be kept by you. Based on this, I use an evidence-based nutritional score list for your specific complaints or wishes.

This nutritional rating list was designed to identify foods with the highest density of minerals and vitamins, providing clinical evidence of their role in supporting mental health issues. This list of foods with the highest percentages of relevant minerals and vitamins can be used to support prevention and recovery.

Below is an example of a guidance process, in which the final program is determined in mutual consultation.

Guidance process content (example)

Contact moment 1

Complete the questionnaire you have received by email and keep a food-mood diary in preparation for our first video call meeting.

Contact moment 2

Video call meeting approx. 1 hour: feedback food-mood diary, nutritional advice tailored to your specific situation.

Contact moment 3

Video call meeting approx. 1 hour: feedback on adjusted eating pattern (additional dietary supplements if necessary).

Contact moment 4

Video call approx. 1 hour: we discuss how to proceed and what else is needed to support you. Consultation and how to continue

During my guidance of you I am of course available for all possible questions. All in all, you get a lot of explanation about nutrition, why certain things work or don’t work for you. I can also advice you well in case of allergies.

If you want more information about my approach and what it can mean for you, you can reach me via tanya@yayot.com or +31 6 53781780 (NL) or +41 79 5101780 (CH).

Do you have any questions?

I can be reached by email: tanya@yayot.com and by phone:
+31 6 53781780 (NL)
of +41 79 510 1780 (CH)

You can also ask questions and contact me using the form below.
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Anonymity is of course guaranteed.