Help, how can I lose weight? A new approach!


Health coaching based on MBTI

Use the power of your personality type for a permanently healthy lifestyle.

You are in charge of your life! You know what you want and what you don't. But if it is about losing weight, then you seem to have less control. Attempt after attempt, method after method, sports, dieting, handling your mindset ... you try everything. Nothing works. The pounds stay or come back, the motivation disappears. Apparently, you miss willpower to lose weight successfully ...

Recognizable? Then I have good news! Successful weight loss is not all about strong perseverance. It's in your approach. The sum of your personality, lifestyle, habits and home situation is the key to your success. BGN-certified weight consultant Yayot from Eindhoven understands that and helps you make that sum. With your preferences and pitfalls at the center, we make a weight loss plan that really works. Not for a while, but permanently. Discover how!

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To lose weight

To lose weight? Your personality is the key to your success!



Thinker, Feeler, Mover or Planner? Your personality type as the basis for your weight loss success.

Some experiences from customers

“The MBTI assessment has made me aware of my preferences and helps me make choices. The principle of MBTI is very clear to me and I recommend it to everyone."

Tim (23)

"I finally understand why my efforts with regard to weight control have not achieved structural success. Through Yayot's approach and mapping my personality type, I now have a much better approach that also offers lasting results.”

Kirsten (45)

"A very valuable and in-depth insight into my personality!"

Max (23)

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