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Losing weight, exercising and feeling fit can be a big challenge nowadays. The diets are floating around like leaves in autumn and the intentions to exercise more are there, but you don’t get results.

Sounds familiar?

Everybody is different. Healthy living is not only about healthy eating, but also about exercise, sufficient sleep and a good mindset. The sum of your personality, lifestyle, habits and family situation is the key to your success. We will give you the tools join the dots. With your preferences and pitfalls at the center, we make a plan to reduce your weight that really works. Not temporarily, but permanently. Discover how!

A healthy lifestyle thanks to the right mindset

Your personal coach Tanya

No better motivation than personal motivation. That applies to losing weight and starting to live healthier. And that also applies to my motivation to start Yayot. I am Tanya Laumen-van Doorne (50), weight consultant, sports nutritionist, certified MBTI trainer and previously intensive pedagogical family counselor. The process of human growth and how to achieve it has always fascinated me.

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