The importance of a supermarket guide!

Do you know what you eat?
Do you really know which products should be avoided? Are you sometimes completely lost in the jungle of products in the supermarket? The number of choices you can make around the theme of nutrition is enormous. It already starts with the meter-long aisles with almost endless offers. If you visit a store abroad then you certainly don’t know it anymore.

In some municipalities in the Netherlands, therefore, the local GGD (municipal health service) is giving the workshop “supermarket guide”, specially organized for newcomers in the Netherlands. They will become acquainted with Dutch food products. During the tour it is not only discussed what is for sale, but also what healthy food is and how to read labels.

Doesn’t everyone sometimes have stress of choices during shopping? Don’t we all know that moment when you want to buy muesli, you don’t know which one to take? It seems as if the large supply is increasing every week! Wouldn’t it be nice and easier for everyone to really know more about what’s in their chosen products? Making healthy choices is quite a thing. In the supermarket you often see especially the packaging that looks attractive and very healthy, but the content is one big calorie bomb. And then you are falling for it.

It is therefore highly recommended to check the ingredients! Wouldn’t it be good for everyone to get that workshop “supermarket guide” and a little help with shopping?
If everyone would get a nutrition coach for free for an hour, then I really believe that they would make far more steps in the health field and would make much less costs in health care.

I plead for that.