Extensive package

Extensive package

Do you want to receive even more extensive guidance to take really rigorous steps regarding your health but do you not know how or are you not successful?

Then this package is for you!

First, we will look at the personality type you are (one of the 16 MBTI types).

Why might you think?

After all, everyone is different. We go for customization and do not believe in one size fits all!

This allows us to map out what your strong qualities are and which tools you need to really take steps regarding your health.

What makes you really happy, what gives you energy and what does not suit you, what makes you stressed and what do you need to reduce your stress. All these topics are relevant and crucial to take into consideration. After all, we do not want you to fall back in the future, but have found a mode that is lasting and also pleasant!

We will discuss these in 2 separate meetings.

We then discuss what you eat and what products we can replace in healthier options.

Once this has been discussed, we will do an individual supermarket safari.

This supermarket safari gives you answers to:

Do you know what you eat?

Can you find your way in the jungle of products?

Do you know what is really healthy and what you should avoid?

And followed up by telephone support!


This package costs 535 euros

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