About Yayot

Everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves. I would like to help you with that!

No better motivation than personal motivation. That applies to losing weight and starting to live healthier. And that also applies to my motivation to start Yayot. I am Tanya Laumen-van Doorne (50), weight consultant, certified MBTI trainer and previously intensive pedagogical family counselor in Eindhoven. The process of human growth and how to achieve it has always fascinated me.

This fascination became even greater when, due to a food allergy, I was forced to delve into nutrition and drastically change my diet and lifestyle. A whole new world opened up for me. In addition, I saw as a family counselor how every home situation is unique and how such a unique environment can make taking healthier steps very difficult. After all, you should not only look at what suits you, but also at what fits into your home situation.

Every personality is different

MBTI proved to be a handy tool for me to gain quick, easy and effective self-insight. And so I got to know myself, my preferences and pitfalls really well and to recognize them in others. For me MBTI is a universal language that anyone can easily understand. MBTI teaches you to look positively at your own possibilities, in order to find the lifestyle that really suits you.

As a qualified MBTI trainer I now like to share this valuable knowledge with others. Because I think everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves.

Personal plan

By finding out what type of person you are, we develop a personal plan for a healthier lifestyle.

The birth of Yayot

The result is Yayot. By focusing on your personality, lifestyle, habits, private life and work, we will together find an approach that really works. Not temporarily, but for the rest of your life. So contact Yayot today so that you can quickly start with your personal weight loss plan.

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